FBI and state police criminal background checks

We often get calls and messages about the retrieval and legalization of criminal background checks for use abroad. Quite often, presenting a criminal background check from all places of residence is a requirement when applying for citizenship, residency, or certain long-term visas. Having a criminal record can affect the outcome of your application, but some countries just want you to simply provide a government-issued document detailing the nature of the offenses and the outcome of the court cases. Among the countries that require criminal background checks for permanent residency applications are China, Russia, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Individuals who at one point in their lives resided in the United States would need to obtain a criminal background check issued in the United States. The problem is that unlike many other countries, the United States does not have a centralized criminal history database. Most countries require individuals to present an FBI background check, which technically covers the entire country, but may exclude certain state and local violations (sometimes states and localities provide that information to the FBI, but not always). Some countries therefore require individuals to also provide criminal background checks from the individual states in which a given applicant resided. Even then, however, some states may not store information regarding arrests/violations at the local level (cities, towns, townships, villages, etc.).A&M Logos International provides assistance with the retrieval, legalization, and translation (if necessary) of all criminal background checks required by a given country.

While we cannot retrieve FBI background checks directly, as the FBI requires individuals to provide their fingerprints, we can provide instructions on how to submit the online application and submit the required fingerprints. We can then assist clients with obtaining the necessary apostille or foreign authentication for the FBI background check.

At the same time, we can generally retrieve state-level background checks from most states as many are based on name, date of birth, and other personally identifiable information rather than fingerprints. We can also obtain the necessary apostille (if the destination country is a member of the Apostille Convention, e.g. Italy, Russia, India) or undergo the chain legalization process (if the destination country is not a member of the Apostille Convention, e.g. China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia).

In certain case, if you have been arrested or convicted, authorities in the country where you are applying for citizenship, permanent residency, or certain visa types may require you to present additional information about the arrest or conviction. A&M Logos International can also assist you with retrieving and legalizing certified copies of police reports or judgments from federal, state, and county courts in the United States

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