Apostille U.S Diplomas and Transcripts for Spain

There is only one option which is guaranteed to be acceptable when it comes to getting U.S. education documents apostilled for use in Spain:

Apostille for Original School issued Duplicate – this is the most complicated method, however, depending on the purpose for which the document shall be used may be the only acceptable method. To get apostille on the original duplicate the owner of the diploma/transcript will have to:

NOTE: Third parties cannot obtain the document

  1. Contact the Registrar’s Office of the school and request a duplicate to be issued
  2. At the same time the owner of the document must request that an authorized official of the school (i.e Dean, Registrar, Assistant Registrar, etc) make a statement on the back of the duplicate along the following lines:
    Hereby I, <full name> being the <title with the school> of the <name of the school> attest that this is the original diploma/transcripts issued to <name of the student>
  3. This statement must be signed and notarized. Majority of the US schools have notaries on staff so this should not be an issue. 

Once the duplicate is issued and notarized it may can be apostilled.

TIP: If you are already overseas and need to follow the process described above and get an apostille for the original school issued duplicate, you can have the school mail the document directly to our office for processing, instead of having them mail it internationally (if available, to begin with) and then mailing it back to the states.

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