Apostille in Puerto Rico

In the effort to simplify and streamline the apostille procedure, the Government of Puerto Rico has delegated a separate entity to collect duties and issue stamps, so that the State department only issue apostilles.

Apostille Puerto Rico

Although, it may seem to be easier, the fact of the matter is that it is not. It takes a little more time now to get it done, especially if you are not planning on going to PR.

For several months, our clients have struggled to get their Puerto Rico documents duly apostilled. Now, this is no longer an issue. We have developed the proper procedure to ensure timely and secure processing of all Puerto Rico apostilles for our clients, be it a birth, marriage or citizenship certificate, our specialists know what needs to be done.

Another issue that some of our clients has experienced, had to do with US notarized documents going to Puerto Rico. Many states will not issue an Apostille, rightfully, for use in PR. However, when you authenticate your notary’s commission though proper government bodies, they will be generally accepted in Puerto Rico. You have questions about your PR documents or require assistance with getting apostille from Puerto Rico or from PR, we encourage you to get in touch.

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